Páginas sobre Búsqueda y Rescate / K- SAR
Avalanche Dogs!
American Rescue Team
Barron River Search Dog Association
Black Paws Search and Rescue Association
Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group
California Rescue Dog Association
Curly Coated Retrievers
Eastern Region - National Cave Rescue Commission
FEMA: Urban Search and Rescue Response System
Greater  Philadelphia Search and Rescue Association
National Association For Search and Rescue
National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
New Zealand SAR Page
Northern Alberta Wilderness Search and Rescue
Riverbend Search and Rescue Dog Association
Sarinfo.....Search and Rescue Information page & BBS
Search Dogs!
Search Dog Team, Hanover, Germany
Socorro Search and Rescue, New Mexico
South West Virginia Mountain Rescue Group
Swiss Rescue Dog Association
The National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue
USAR CA TF-7 Sacramento, CA
Virginia Search and Rescue Council

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